TeaZazz Drink Flavor Varieties

TeaZazz is the perfect solution for consumers searching for a healthier alternative to soft drinks but are unsatisfied with conventional “flat” (un-carbonated) teas, enhanced waters and juices.   The light carbonation in TeaZazz delivers the fun mouth feel associated with soft drinks while its tea content brings the health and wellness benefits of powerful antioxidants found in tea.

TeaZazz strives to become the brand of choice for current soft drink consumers who are looking for healthier ready to drink beverage alternatives.  TeaZazz bridges the gap between the “fun” of soft drinks and the “good for you” elements of tea. Check out our new variety, TeaZazz NaturalZ.



Peach Tea


Green Tea Lemon



Green Tea Mint

White Tea


Original Tea
White Tea Kiwi/Strawberry


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TeaZazz NaturalZ
  Paw Paw Fruit
Red Plum
Ginger Mint
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