Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get TeaZazz to my state? 
Thanks for asking!  Many stores are open to customer requests.  Feel free to approach a store manager and request TeaZazz, or bring along our request form to leave with them.

What makes your product unique? 
Had you heard of sparkling tea?  We take the best of tea, and get rid of the ‘bad’ in soda, and make a fresh, fun and bubbly refreshment!

Are there any benefits? 
Well tea in general is a great source of antioxidants, aids in digestion, and helps keep your body and mind healthy.  Carbonation just makes your mouth happy.  A happy person is definitely beneficial.

Is TeaZazz fattening? 
No!  In fact one serving of TeaZazz is only 20-25 calories!

What is that stuff at the bottom of the bottle?
TeaZazz is made with real tea, which tends to settle at the bottom of the bottle.  Unlike most tea products however, we don’t recommend shaking the bottle up before you open it.  It is after all carbonated.  If it really bothers you we recommend you shake it once and wait a bit before opening.

How old is your company?
TeaZazz was started by Delicia Soliman and Tamara Saretsky in 2006.


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