TeaZazz for Tough TimeZ 


Are you struggling to pay for your next community or social event?   Has your community center gone way over budget?
Are you having a high school dance that is short on funds?  Is your basketball team in need of refreshments?  As a local company, we realize how tough times are for all right now. That is why TeaZazz is giving you a chance to put a ‘little Zazz’ back in your life!

TeaZazz will be giving away 1000 bottles of TeaZazz to10 people (100 per winner) for use at their upcoming event; you just have to tell us why you could use a little free TeaZazz.  In 500 words or less, write to us at and tell us how having 100 bottles would help put some Zazz in your event.  Whether it’s your wedding, soccer game, local community center- we are here to keep you refreshed with a healthier alternative to soda.  So go ahead, Zazz up your Life! (Please include your full name, date of birth and address.)

*10 winners will be chosen after a 30-day period.  Deadline to write in is May 1, 2009.  Winners will receive 100 bottles of TeaZazz and their story will be posted online along with a picture from the event the TeaZazz was used at.  The free TeaZazz will not be available for resale.  Available for entry to those within a 100 miles radius of Valencia Ca., 91354.

The following are the official rules for the TeaZazz for Tough TimeZ contest on the TeaZazz website:
1. Entering Contests and Choosing and Contacting Winners: Winners of email contests will be chosen at random from emails received. Winners of the contest will be contacted at the “sender” email address used to enter the contest. Only one entry per email address used to send the email will be considered for contest entry. Claiming of prizes requires an email response to TeaZazz from the winning sender email address within 30 days of being notified of winning at the email address used to enter.
2. Use of photo, text or other content for Contests: Entries selected as contest winners will require a photo of event.  Winner hereby grants TeaZazz and its affiliates, subsidiaries, licensees and assigns, an irrevocable, perpetual and royalty-free right to use, reproduce, edit, display, transmit, prepare derivative works of, modify, publish and otherwise make use of the photo and text. In addition to other things, the rights granted to TeaZazz includes but is not limited to the right to resize, crop, censor, compress, edit, feature, caption, affix logos to, and to otherwise alter or make use of the submitted photo;
TeaZazz reserves the right to alter any rules of any contest at anytime.


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